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Please note - this wiki page is no longer actively maintained. Add a link to your blog to your profile over at the Social Media Manchester ning network or post a link in the Forum.


Hayley Flynn - My blog is mainly poems and the beginnings of fiction that I feel I'll never complete http://ginlush.blogspot.com


Vanessa Champion http://vanessachampion.wordpress.com/ photography and ramblings...


Lisa UsabilityGal  Make your site/product easier to use and reap the rewards! Ultra important for social sites. Learn more about usability on my blog :) 


Ben McKay - I know I'm an SEO (and social media) consultant, so does this mean I can't drop a link to my blog as I know the benefit it will have?!  :)


Ben Light something for the weekend - stuff on my research, new media and everyday life


Erinma Ochu everythingandeveryone occassional thoughts on life, work and other stuff


Julie Delvaux - Notebooks (my writer&translator place) | Portfolio&CV | Old Articles


Kate Butler - playlists for my radio show. so yeah, just lists really. with links. and photos. and videos. but mainly lists. for list lovers.


Chi-chi Ekweozor - Real Fresh TV’s company blog which features the study of social media usage amongst FTSE 100 companies.


Louise Bolotin - Here's the Kicker random musings on news, issues and whatever


Sarah Hartley - I endeavour to cover the life of the Social Media Cafe through the MEN blog The Mancunian Way and look at matters related to online journalism at my personal blog. Sometimes those two things handily collide.


Tim Difford - What set off as a compendium of thoughts on innovation and green issues and technologies has evolved into a blog with an increasingly prominent social media angle...  one aspect it lacks from the things that fire me up is music... so maybe that'll crop up later.  Anyway, the blog is at One Greener Day.


David Bird - FaceBookCreep - My thoughts on the state of digital and social media marketing, which do not neccesarily represent the opinions of my employer :-)


Josh - tech, comms, politics, etc - Technical Faults


Adrian Slatcher - literary life in Manchester and beyond - it's all in the Art of Fiction.


Carolyn Hughes - all about Manchester: decent places to eat, cool places to drink and the latest offers/ vouchers. www.manchesterisace.typepad.com


Sam Easterby-Smith - stuff: samscam.co.uk (why oh why doesn't the linky thing work tonight)


Ade Stevenson - The Ring Modulator - Mainly about jazz in Manchester, occasionally straying into food, London jazz, New York jazz ...


Phill Healey(Munklefish) - MunkeyWeb - A blog about Manchester and web development stuff. 


Kate Feld - The Manchizzle. Life in MCR both on and offline. Lashings of literature, culture, media and the ever-growing Manchester blogroll. Now with added ferrets.


John Sutton - I have three blogs Creative ICT for matters concerned with education and technology; Creative Blogs specifically for the support of blogging in schools; and Irontwit, my blog about triathlon and this August's UK Ironman.


The team at Democracy PR - social media, PR and the stuff we get upto when we're not on facebook Democracy PR Blog


Paul Fabretti - blendingthemix -  a blog about social media, pr, marketing, technology and everything else in between.


Clare Cook - lecturer and digital magazine discussions at clarecookonline or if you want to keep up with me on the trails try mountain bike skills


Stewart Townsend - Startups/web2.0/bright shirts and talking to interesting people - My Sun Blog


Alex Wood - I'm a Digital & Social Media nerd.  I've just started a new blog through my agency STAN about our thoughts on the world of digital media.  Most relevant to SMC is my blog on User Generated Content and its wider implications for the media.  Feedback welcome by email or twitter!


Gill Moore - My blog is scatterdrum, it's a mish-mash of musings from Manchester: photography, design, culture, creativity, music, film, green issues. Features tonnes of great visuals as I'm a photographer and good images and design just fire me up and I like to share.


B Hunter AKA @rainycitytales - A blog with no manifesto other than to witter about Manchesterford type stuff.


Helen Keegan AKA @heloukee - i blog here (heloukee.wordpress.com) and mainly write about social techs in education, digital culture etc.


Nads Hassan @nadshassan | Music related topics such as giving an insight into my songwriting process, theory based stuff and other interesting music related topics and debates Nads Hassan

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Hayley Flynn said

at 5:51 pm on Oct 5, 2009

Hayley Flynn - My blog is mainly poems and the beginnings of fiction that I feel I'll never complete, nevermind edit! http://ginlush.blogspot.com

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