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Spin-off groups

Page history last edited by Jo Harrington 14 years, 11 months ago

This page can be used to list links to any Spin-off Groups from smc_mcr.


Last.fm Group

We now have a Last.fm group. This allows you to see weekly charts of the listening habits of its members and listen to a 'Group Radio' of our combined tastes. If you'd like to contribute your music taste, join the group at http://www.last.fm/group/Social+Media+Cafe and get scrobbling!


smc_mcr music group anyone?

i'd like to make a start convening a music group so, anyone interested in looking specifically at social media in the context of music making/plugging/promoting/tracking/anything please leave your name/contacts here. kate x


Ben, twitter, blog (very poor!), email 

Kate, twitter, email, blog, last.fm

Leonie, email, blog

Tim, twitter, email, blog

Chi-chi, TwitterBlog/Website | Contactables

Caers, Twitter , email,  last.fm

Richard, Twitter | Website | last.fm

Ade Stevenson twitter | MySpace | jazz blog slacker musician, ALL FM dj and MCR Jazz Festival director

Rod, Twitter, emailFB pagewebsite - club promotor and record player - a SN novice so be gentle with me.

Phill Healey(Munklefish) Twitter | Blog | Website | Flickr | LinkedIn - sporadic club promoter

Jo, twitter

Simon Fairbairn twitter, website


RE: MUSIC GROUP - I have some ideas I'd like to present to you all fairly soon-ish and think this would be more easily done outside the usual smc_mcr meetings. It should all take no more than hour in total so if you're interested, please drop me an email and I'll make start on arranging a time/date/venue. Bye for now, Kate


smc_mcr cinema/photography group

Now, Manchester is a great place to photograph, and it has featured in many films. Photography and cinema also border on one another, and as a person with a huge passion for, and personal experience in both media (as a photographer/journalist), I'd absolutely love to meet the like-minded folk and to discuss how the Internet and Social Media has been changing the photographic/cinematic landscape in recent years. Perhaps, this can see further collaboration.


Maria Gabriella (media exorcist) - I'm going to be doing an event for the Northern Film Network next month on social media for filmmakers, so I'd be pretty keen to develop this spin off group further, we should met up at the next cafe to chat more and develop this group!

Julia (Julie Delvaux) Notebooks | Flickr | Email | Twitter

Richard (Richard Pearson) Flickr | Website | Twitter

Josh Photos | Twitter | Blog

Phill Healey(Munklefish) Flickr | Twitter | Blog | Website | LinkedIn

Louise Bolotin Twitter Blog Anyone interested in actually going out to the flicks as a group - see a film, go for a drink after and discuss it (or other stuff)?


smc_mcr Marketing and PR group

I'd like to start meeting up and working with people who use social media as a marketing and PR tool. Digital Marketing Manchester has kinda gone a bit quiet so here's a chance to blow some life into the old dog and start meeting and working with people who are trying stuff out, using stuff everyday with success, and have tried stuff and got some problems.


DMM has got a page up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Digital-Marketing-Manchester/19610314120

Should it be kept or is its time over? 


David Bird - Course Leader MSc DMC - Twitter | Blog | Email


I'd like to come along again to this - very interesting last time David Taylor Twitter

David, I'd be interested in joining this group!

Kate - Twitter, email

I'd be interested in finding out more, too.

Rowena - Twitter

Adelle - ditto! Twitter | Flickr | blog | website | email

Josh Twitter | Blog

David, I'd be interested as well!

Mindy Twitter | Blog

Neil - I would be interested in this email | Twitter

Phill Healey(Munklefish) Twitter | Blog | Website | Flickr | LinkedIn

I'd be interested in this! - Claire - claire.higgins@bluerainbowapartments.com

As long as we don't get told off for being too noisy, I'm in ;)  Jo Harrington

Chi-chi, TwitterBlog/Website | Contactables


smc_mcr Public Sector interest group

The public sector has particular challenges and opportunities when it comes to effectively engaging in social media - let's chat, share ideas and thoughts and best practice?


Josh Twitter | Blog

Hi Josh! I'm interested in this. Kate - Twitter

I'm interested. Sue email Twitter Library Facebook

Chi-chi, TwitterBlog/Website | Contactables


smc_mcr blog for the Social Media Cafe


I'm interested in this - as per previous tweets, emails etc I-com are happy to provide hosting for the blog David Taylor

Some of us have been tweeting about setting up a blog for this group, to run alongside this wiki, as a way of reaching out to more people.

I'm in -  Jo Harrington 

Louise Bolotin Twitter blog

Josh Twitter | Blog

Sarah Hartley - blogging could be a good way of reaching more people, count me in. Just a thought - shouldn't it join the marketing spin-off conversations above? Twitter. Blog.

Julian Tait Twitter The GeekUp people were interested in doing a combined Tech blog. I would be interested to see how this is structured. Would people submit articles that were then linked back to individual blogs or would stuff be syndicated?


Kate Butler my two penn'orth is that smc_mcr needs a clear identity and purpose of its own to keep the momentum rolling. the synergy with geekup (and others) is clear though i'm unsure about the benefits of a combined blog. i wonder whether such a relationship may look like preaching to the converted rather than reaching out to the unconvinced. i'll shut up now.


Phill Healey(Munklefish) Twitter | Blog | Website | Flickr | LinkedIn - I'd like to see a blog where SMC members (or even a select few) can post articles of their choosing, on appropriate social media related themes. This could then act as a informative resource as to what social media is, how it can be used, how it is being used, and who is using it. This way even those who cant attend the meet-ups could gain from our collective knowledge. Id certainly find it useful to find such info in one place and from such well informed people.




Hi all. After discussions with various groups at the March meetup, I went ahead and set up a Ning account for us. For those that don't know, Ning is a site that lets you set up (for free) customised social networks (that look not dissimilar to facebook).


I'm not sure how popular this will be, but I thought it worth experimentation. Through Ning there is also a central blogging system, that anyone can blog to... I think there might be some users here who will like that.


It's not perfect, I started it simply as a bit of a test... so I'd love to get feedback (positive or negative). I've never used Ning before, so please don't judge me too harsly if you really don't like it! :P


You can find the site at http://socialmediamanchester.ning.com/ . It's pretty bare at the moment, but if people like it and start using it I'm sure it will soon fill up. And if the consesus is a strong "my god man, that's awful!" - then I'll shut it down pronto...





Julia (Notebooks and Lakestar Media) - The ideas above are all good in my opinion, in that with the blog and Ning we could actually showcase the use of Social Media for a non-profit organisation. Definitely count me on the blogging side, and I'll "strictly come dancing" on Ning. When I was at Latitude Group in 2007, they set up their internal Ning group, to trial "social media". I got to use it a little bit, so can give a hand to Rob, should he need it. Speaking of Social Media channels, YouTube/Vimeo is certainly next. Anyway, it's great to see all these developments, esp. since I'm a Social Media Manager for my company (good timing!! :-)) ).  Having said all this, though, we need to bear in mind how we can bring together all the multiple channels there already are. The blog would need to have a lot of dynamic content (Flickr badge, YouTube widget, Twitter stream, etc.). But one thing I would object to happening is focusing #smc_mcr purely on marketing. The intergration of Social Media and Marketing/Advertising/PR is currently THE big thing, but let's not forget of the creative potential of Social Media.

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Kate Butler said

at 1:05 pm on Apr 27, 2009

RE: MUSIC GROUP - I have some ideas I'd like to present to you all fairly soon-ish and think this would be more easily done outside the usual smc_mcr meetings. It should all take no more than hour in total so if you're interested, please drop me an email and I'll make start on arranging a time/date/venue. Bye for now, Kate

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